About us

PIER SIX PRESS is a letterpress and design studio located in our hometown of Bremerton, Washington; a nook of the northwest surrounded by the salty Puget Sound. We create cards, stationery, posters and art prints combining the best of 19th and 21st century technologies.

We’re inspired by our community and the everyday moments that are deserving of recognition. Tangible connection is important in this digital age, and it is through those connections we can better relate through those around us.

Our cards and art prints are hand fed one-at-a-time through century old presses. Each color is applied separately. Some of our art prints go through the press six or seven times.

Have something you’d like to work on with us? While we don't typically take on much custom work at this time, we will if the project aligns with our schedule. Contact us and we'll get back to you.

About Letterpress

Letterpress is a printing process that has been around since the middle ages. Once the standard for printing; metal or wood type is inked and pressed against paper. The technique produces an impression in the paper making it different from offset or digital printing. Each color is applied separately, some of our products go through the press five or six times. 

Letterpress is distinctive for its tactile quality and makes for a product guaranteed to impress.